Chimera science

This watercolor depicts a chimera, monstrous fire-breathing creature. It appears that chimeras exist not only in Greek mythology. Learn more about my chimera-related work.

Who am I?

My PhD

In three minutes

PhD thesis promo recorded on the regional final of "Ma thèse en 180" contest. The speech is in French, but it will take less than 180 seconds :)

Selected Publications

A chimera state is a rich and fascinating class of self-organized solutions developed in high-dimensional networks. Necessary features of the network for the emergence of such complex but structured motions are non-local and symmetry breaking coupling. An accurate understanding of chimera states is expected to bring important insights on deterministic mechanism occurring in many structurally similar high-dimensional dynamics such as living systems, brain operation principles and even turbulence in hydrodynamics. Here we report on a powerful and highly controllable experiment based on an optoelectronic delayed feedback applied to a wavelength tuneable semiconductor laser, with which a wide variety of chimera patterns can be accurately investigated and interpreted. We uncover a cascade of higher-order chimeras as a pattern transition from N to N+1 clusters of chaoticity. Finally, we follow visually, as the gain increases, how chimera state is gradually destroyed on the way to apparent turbulence-like system behaviour.
In Nat. Commun., 2015

Recent Publications

. Spatio-temporal complexity in dual delay nonlinear laser dynamics: chimeras and dissipative solitons. Submitted, 2018.

Preprint Project

. Tutorial: Photonic Neural Networks in Delay Systems. Submitted, 2018.


. Efficient Design of Hardware-Enabled Reservoir Computing in FPGAs. Submitted, 2018.


. Laser chimeras as a paradigm for multistable patterns in complex systems. In Nat. Commun., 2015.



Bioinspired computing

Bioinspired computing aims at producing more efficient hardware in terms of speed and energy consumption

Delay Differential Equations

A fast and flexible library solving delay differential equations.


Multi expression programming is a genetic programming variant encoding multiple solutions in the same chromosome.