Raspberry Pi

Making Your Self-Driving Robot

We will build an autonomous robot. Captured by robot's camera, video stream will be analyzed by a neural network. The network will be running on the onboard Raspberry Pi that will steer the robot. Before you start with the project, I want you to answer two questions. First, how everything will be attached mechanically? Second, what will be the energy source? While your autonomous robot can work from a cardboard box, having a mechanically sound chassis will greatly improve the result on the AI training stage.

Connecting To Raspberry Pi Over WiFi

Raspberry Pi is great. It is a small and cheap computer that can be used for a variety of projects. Sometimes you may wish to remotely control a Rasperry Pi that is in your local WiFi network. This is possible and even quite easy. We will use a Secure Shell aka SSH to establish a remote connection. I assume that you have previously connected your Raspberry Pi board to a WiFi network.