HEGduino was my first soldering experience

The posts I have never written

Every time I embark on a new exciting project, I plan to write about it. Sometimes life gets in and my to do list only increases. Here is an (incomplete) list of posts I have started, but never finished. If you are interested in any of the topics, please send me an email and I’ll make sure that it appears. By writing this list out I hope that I will be able to focus the most of my energy on a single project at a time.

My existing and future projects (in no particular order):

  1. What reservoir computing is all about: Reservoir computing tutorial

  2. Assembling HEGduino for brain hacking

  3. Self-driving cars are easy. Where I have been before?

  4. How I built my Linux from scratch

  5. What I learned from my first hackathon

  6. DNA testing: Health, providers, curious facts

  7. Reading mind with convolutional neural networks

  8. Transfer learning

  9. Recurrent Networks. Harnessing Infinity

  10. One-short learning

  11. Using Hasktorch / menoh-haskell / Docker / Nix

  12. Direct feedback alignment

  13. NEAT algorithm in Haskell

  14. Reinforcement learning (Deep Q Net)

  15. HMEP with vectors: Reproducing Google’s AutoML Zero with Haskell

  16. First steps with integrated photonics

  17. Cryptographic hashes

  18. Optical proof of work

  19. Transformer: attention - encoder - decoder

  20. Spectroscopy with qwiic NIR board

  21. DYI drone

  22. Why the light is important to me: Diffraction, interference, holograms, thin films, and bird feathers

  23. Holograms and 1000 brains theory

  24. Olimexino

  25. Stochastic computing

  26. Fast matrix multiplication algorithms in Haskell

Where I have been before?

Where I have been before?